Thursday, January 31, 2008

Custom Embroidery Logo Guide

Embroidery Logo Guide

In order to create GREAT embroidery, you first need to look at your logo. If you are just now developing a logo for your business, we will address a few things first that maybe helpful guidelines to follow:

LESS is MORE. Create a logo with great color and simplicity! Some of the best logos are simple, clean and basic. These types are the ones that people remember and they are easy to maintain the integrity of no matter how you use it. ie letterhead, business cards, garments or magnets etc. The best logos work anywhere without modification.

Less also means less cost for you, the company owner. Remember the more detail, the more time to set up for embroidery and the longer it takes to run on our machines...this equals = $$ Also with imprinting, more colors mean more keep your colors to 1 or 2. You will find producing any printed material much more affordable!

Small text is always an issue when creating a nice embroidered logo. On knit fabrics, text must not be less than 1/4 inch or the thread sinks into the knit and looks rough and unreadable. Basically, it will distract not attract. So limit your text to allow for letters that are at least 1/4 inch if possible. On tougher fabrics like jackets, hats or totes, we can go a bit smaller, but not much less than .20.

Eliminate Big filled in areas with your logo. Not only does this just take up time while running on the machines, but it also creates a very heavy, patch like feel to your logo. Instead generate shapes around your logo with simple outlines or fancy lines.

Shadows work OK, but only on large logos. We discourage shadowing on letters for hats in particular because a hat is hooped in a curricular frame and not flat like shirts. When a hat is embroidered, it sometimes will shift in the frame a slight bit...if the shadowing gets off just a slight bit, it will destroy the entire look of your logo. It will be a huge flaw that will be seen easily. We suggest going without shadows as nice as they look sometimes. It allows for a really clean, consistent logo that gets noticed.

Gradients are a no-no with embroidery. Blending threads are impossible so we suggest avoiding this technique entirely. Even with imprinting, your costs go way up and the end result not always the same as you get in a graphic form. Gradients are also more expensive...and we want to see you get your best bang for the buck. Avoid them.

Also avoid narrow text & serifs on small letters. Narrow text on knits will also tend to sink into the fabric and look undesirable. Short basic and thick letters work much better on knits and are much more readable. When using serifs in your text style, be sure to plan on larger size overall. .30+ or again, those serifs will sink into the fabric and cause holes in your garment.

Dos? Always think simple! Remember you aren't a billboard, and you don't want too much information on your shirt. You simply want to state what is important and make your logo MEMORABLE! A good name and simple logo are the keys to getting your logo noticed and embroidered well. City & State can sometimes be added below your logo if desired, or your website address. We don't suggest using your phone number unless it's an 800# and it's on the back of a jacket.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New for 2008!

This year we are offering some new and exciting deals!!

We have standardized our set up fees to a flat fee of just $20.00 the first time you order with us. (this used to be based on detail of logo/stitch count, ranging from $20-100). This is for a left chest logo. Full backs will still require a quote, so please email those to us and I can price that size for you.

Secondly, we are now offering NO MINIMUMS!! Wow! This is a huge leap for us because of the volume we are used to putting out with our multi head machines, but we get requests often for smaller orders and we felt it was time to service our customers in this way.

A new price list is featured on our catalog pages, ranging from 1 piece on up to 144. As always we offer FREE shipping and FREE set up fee on 144 pieces.

If you have never worked with us before, we hope you will give us a try in 2008!