Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Behind the Website

Hi there!
My name is Denise and I am in charge of Sales & Design here at OMD. If you call or email, you will most likely get me and I am happy to help you! My husband, Tom is in charge of Embroidery Production and he takes his job very seriously.

We started our Embroidery business in 1991 when computerized embroidery was just starting to become popular. Tom and I are both strong minded business people and prior to that we ran two separate businesses. But after years of running in different directions, we realized if we joined forces we could accomplish so much more and maybe see more of each other. He was dynamic with production & general business knowledge and I love being creative, while enjoying sales and keeping the books. Computerized Embroidery was the perfect fit for us and we never regretted the change. It is a business that uses our gifts and and we create a product we believe in.

It is really important to us that we build long lasting business relationships with our customers. As Internet sales increase and quickly have become 80% of our business, we missed the personal aspect that is lacking. We want to keep your business here at OMD and we do hope this blog will help give our customers that small town feel and loyal friendship.

We offer Monthly specials that target the season and hopefully bring our customers awesome savings. Year around we run our 144 piece promotion and that is FREE shipping and FREE set up fee on 144 pieces or more. You can combine pieces to reach that quantity discount.

If you don't see something on our site...just give us a jingle or email us. ( and we will resource it for you. Many items we have available are not on our site - so please don't hesitate to ask!

Spring begins a very busy time here, but we work very hard to maintain our quick turnarounds. Typically 7-10 days. If you need a rush order done, there is no rush fee. We may need to ship items in overnight or ship them out express as well....but OMD does not charge for speedy turnaround.

Well...more later as news evolves. I will be posting on new products as the year continues. Chestnut Hill continues to be the brand in the lead for a great product and awesome prices! So be sure to visit our website (link to the right under articles) for more details!!

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Sheryl said...

We have recently recieved our order for coats, long sleeves, and Tanks. For use at the Horse Expo in Spokane Wa. We are so pleased, we are returning for caps, hoodies, and also to order apparell to help the 2 younger kids match also. Thank you Denise and Tom