Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Custom Embroidery Articles

Why Choose Custom Embroidery?

Custom Embroidery is the classiest way to advertise your business. If the logo is done right and created with incredible eye-appeal it WILL make people notice and will reflect on the type of business you are.

Embroidery also lasts a LONG time. Your garment will begin to fray long before your embroidery will show any signs of wear or tear.

Embroidery on the back of a Jacket is probably the most vivid way to advertise your company. It can be noticed from a long way off AND people can read it and take down your information without feeling like they are intruding with asking a bunch of questions.

Embroidery can be done on almost anything, including nylon, fleece, hats and most delicate items. About the only thing we won't embroider is leather, simply because most leather jackets are thick and unable to be hooped properly.

Embroidery above any other form of advertising is by far the best for great exposure. Anyone that has embroidered clothing for their business knows you feel more professional and people take you more seriously.

Embroidery for your Employees is also a great way to invite a TEAM spirit! It unites everyone and makes them feel part of a great team of professionals.

There are times when Imprinting can be useful too, such as on the back of Tees or on lightweight apparel where embroidery would be too heavy. Click the link below and read about imprinting as well. OMD offers both services.

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